I design and build – result driven solutions.

Visual Design · Web Development · Cloud Management



Hi, I’m a Visual Designer and Web Developer based in Los Angeles-California.

I have more than 7 years of experience in visual design and web development using industry standard tools such as Photoshop and Web Expression to name a few.

My experience ranges from small to large scale projects related to entertainment, production, fashion, retail, fitness, healthcare, real estate, construction, and nutrition. I am constantly learning and I love my job!

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Visual Design · Web Development · Cloud Management

Frontend Development

Innovative and customized digital platforms focusing on mobile responsiveness, SEO proper implementation, user experience and user conversion because we are in the year 2019. Developed with industry-standard tools and from trusted brands such as Adobe, Microsoft, InDesign and Sketch. Up-to-date knowledge of trends, grid systems and best practices. Code languages include HTML5, CSS, PHP, MEAN Stacks, Apache as well as a few backend scripting.

Visual Design

Every single project comes with the same professional and creative attitude whether its the visual identity of a brand, product sheet, product catalog, magazine layout, user interface prototype, landing page, billboard/banner, visual guide layout design for a print design material. Industry standard tools like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Adobe LiveCycle, top trends, grid systems, and best practices.