5 Ways to Improve how Customers Experience your Brand

Have you ever been to a shop or store and had a terrible experience with a member of staff? The chances are that a bad experience will negatively change your perception of that business/brand from positive to negative.

Poor customer experience can be hugely detrimental to your business, making all the difference between a customer returning and a customer going to one of your competitors.

To contrast, excellent customer experience has the potential to:
• Engage customers
• Build strong relationships
• Retain customers
• Build loyalty
• Create endorsements
• Strengthen your brand
• Prevent business failure
• Reduce employee turnover

Customer experience is essential to your customers and is as critical to your business as sales and marketing – perhaps even more so. Research also suggests that there is 60-70% more likely that satisfied customers will return to your business to make a new purchase.

Here are five ways to keep your customers returning to your brand:

1. Articulate your company values and apply them into the customer experience

Whatever your company values are, these need implementation with your team, and a plan needs to be established for these values to bring into the customer experience.

2. Map customer journey

How do customers come into contact with each of your brand touchpoints? Once you have determined the customer journey, take time to structure the in-person interaction as well as your online experience.

3. Encourage a culture of dialogue

Train your employees to ask questions, particularly your customer service team. Listen to your customers to get a feel for what they like and dislike about your brand. This will enable you to make adjustments where necessary, and continue offering the elements they love!

4. Take the dialogue beyond the product or service you’re providing

What else is essential to your customers? Take the time to get to know your customers and what matters to them. When you step into their world and walk in their shoes, they feel empowered and valued. The experience will remain in their memories, and they will be far more likely to return to your brand repeatedly.

5. Look for negative feedback

Last but not least is negative feedback. There is nothing wrong with negative feedback; it offers an opportunity to turn unhappy customers into brand advocates. It is so powerful to respond to negative feedback with empathy and care when things go wrong and is a fantastic way to turn around a negative brand experience.

We live in a society surrounded by brands that advertise daily. It’s essential to build a strong relationship with your consumers and encourage them to return to your business.

If you’re struggling with customer experience or wish to improve your website, get in touch. I am ready to discuss your brand needs.