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I design and build digital – result driven solutions.
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Welcome to my personal site, me name is Luis Sebastian and I am a Front-end developer and visual designer with more than 5 years of experience and a wide range of skills. Some skills include HTML, CSS, CMS (content management systems), API integrations and Cloud Managed Services such as AWS (EC2, VPC, IAM, RDS, S3, Route53, ELB and CloudFront).
Visual Design
Wether you select from various predesigned template/theme or prefer a custom design for your website or UI (user interface) all designs and made pixel perfect and build-in practices.
Front-End Development
I enjoy working with clean code (HTML, CSS, jQuery , and JavaScript) and best practices develoment in mind. Ensuring a seemless 100% cross-platform compatibility.
When I am not found in front of my computer I can be away speding time with my loves ones, exploring the outdoors or keeping up with some of my hobbies (photography, videography, tech start-ups, music, gaming). I am passionate about design - developemnt and I love my job!

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what I do

A balance of external and internal beauty. Assembled with hand-selected components to deliver an excellent experience.
Front-End Development
Build in best practices, mobile responsiveness & cross-platform ready in the following lenguages / platforms: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, and pre-built or custom CMS Systems such as WordPress, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Magento and Squarespace.
Visual Design
I enjoy designing with Photoshop along with Illustrator using top trend grid systems. In addition, I can prototype UI (user interface) design, aplications with Adobe XD, Webflow and Framer. I also design from time to time newsletters, logos, banners and have assisted in various magazine layout designs projects.
Cloud Managed Services
Fully Managed Cloud Services from AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud (EC2, VPC, IAM, RDS, S3, Route53, ELB - Elastic Load Balancers and CDN-Cloudfront. Services include deployment, management of current applications or troubleshooting and repairs.

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how I do it

I follow a three-phase plan for every new project that requires a new design and/or development.
Phase One
Phase one involves learning about the business, product or service and note comparisons with top competitors.
Phase Two
Wireframing and design samples are presented for approval based on what the research outcome was and finalizing any revisions made.
Phase Three
Development process commences along with testing, finalizing and launch.

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case study - the factory film case study - the factory film mobile

Recent Case Study
- The Factory Film

The Factory Film wanted to create a unique and easy to use experienced to demonstrate the brand's innovative mindset, create buzz, and highlight the company's creative services and professionalism.
A tool that simplifies navigation, user interaction with multiple types of content and keeps the user engaged was designed. The new tool also helps showcase more of their work and additional information needed to provide more in-depth knowledge about their services.

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I am currently available for Front-End Development, Visual Design or UI (user interface) Design opportunities.

Light Weight
Build-in light weight code and optimized images for faster loading speeds.
SEO Ready
Build with SEO in mind or based on your makerting team requirements.
100% mobile responsive code or build on adaptive design technology.